Patient Rights

Charter of Patient Rights


Hampden Road Dental Care values every patient as a unique person and hope that at all times we can provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of their culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics. Patients are asked to reciprocate this respect by being mindful of all staff and other patients.


Hampden Road Dental Care respects every patient's right to receive adequate information to make informed decisions regarding their health and dental care. Conse- quently, all staff will continually demonstrate a commitment to providing patients with accessible and understandable information about their treatment and treatment options, including costs, proposed medica- tions and risks involved. We do expect patient to actively participate in decisions and choices about their treatment and dental needs, involving family or carers where required.

Notifying Patients about Privacy

All personal health and other information will be col- lected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with relevant laws about privacy, and this information will remain confidential unless the law allows disclosure or the patient directs us to release the information.

Patient Rights

Hampden Road Dental Care will always endeavour to advise patients about their rights and the way our prac- tice operates. Part of the process of providing this infor- mation to patients and/or carers is providing access to our practice Charter of Patient Rights.

Informed Consent Process

This initial examination of a patient shall be con- sidered ‘implied consent’ to the procedure based on the booking of an appointment, attendance, and the patient allowing the physical examination to occur. Any subsequent treatment shall require the patient to make an informed decision and consent to the treatment either verbally or in writ- ing depending on the procedure and associated risks.


A patient’s evaluation of care received at our practice is an extremely important form of feed- back that provides valuable information about the services we provide. We encourage patients to provide both positive and negative feedback.

Complaint Handling Process

Complaints will be acknowledged and responded to in a timely manner, either verbally or in writing, in respect to the seriousness of the complaint. We aim to respond to all complaints within 7 days. All complaints will be reported and reviewed by the Principle Dentist and Practice Manager.

Complaint Review Process

Cambridge City Dental is committed to continu- ous improvement in safety and quality. Dr Chai will analyse feedback and take action where re- quired. Any review actions and outcomes will be communicated to staff.


Hampden Road Dental Care aims to provide pa- tients with appointments to meet their treatment needs. It is requested patients make an agreed appointment time and date to assist with the scheduling process, and notify the practice where this appointment cannot be met.

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment. If a patient cancels without the required notice period, we reserve the right to charge $100 for each 30 minute unit of scheduled time. Not further appointments will be made until the balance is cleared. In the event we are unable to accommodate a patient’s request for an appointment at a specific time/date, consultation with the treating dental practitioner will be sought.


All patients are required to complete a full medi- cal and medication history as accurately and completely as possible to allow staff to identify any circumstances.


You have a right to dental care and we aim to provide appointments to meet your treatment needs.


You have a right to safe and high quality dental care.


We value all patients as unique people and hope that at all times we can provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.


We respect your right to receive adequate information to make informed decisions about your treatment.


We respect your right to be included in decisions and choices about your dental treatment.


You have a right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal information and to request access to your records.


You have a right to give positive and negative Feedback, ask questions about your treatment and have your concerns dealt with properly and promptly.

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